Colorado Tea Company

Logo and packaging design developed for a local craft tea company specializing in the curation of high-quality seasonal teas that cycle in and out every three months. When Colorado Tea Co. was formed, it operated on the heels of a craft coffee boom in the Denver-metro area. The owner of the tea company wanted to instill that same sense of craft and quality in his new brand. We landed on a simple aesthetic with a three leaf motif to tell Colorado Tea Co.’s unique story within the craft tea and coffee marketplace.


A challenge associated with this project was creating a label solution that allowed for the company to update the current tea selection without having to order entirely new labels every few months. The solution developed was to print one label design with a series of blank spaces and use stamps to describe tea name, type, tasting notes, and descriptions. There are six types of tea expressed in the stamps that use six different core colors to make up the Colorado Tea Co. identity system. Stamp color corresponds with tea type. With labels printed, stamps can easily be ordered when new shipments of tea arrive.