Boa Rebrand Case Study

For nearly 8 months, Boa worked collaboratively with Cinco Design out of Portland, Oregon to reimagine the Boa Technology brand. Cinco developed the new logo and visual identity system guided by a small team within the Boa organization that I served on in an advisory role to provide design and branding input. As one of three members of the inhouse design team within Boa before the rebrand, I was on the field everyday wrestling with a struggling brand personality. My role within the process was to help identify pain points and offer valuable feedback to ensure that we came out on the other side with a solid foundation to build on, both as a brand and on the day-to-day executional side of meeting marketing departmental objectives.

Boa’s work with Cinco produced a new platform and position for the brand, tagline, a shift in approach from B2B to B2C focus, messaging, new logo and visual identity system, and website. From there the inhouse creative team created video and photography assets, rebrand launch materials, iconography, business collateral, updated all documentation and presentation materials company-wide, and continues to be responsible for overseeing the healthy stewardship of the new brand.

Social media animation.
Rebrand: Cinco Design
Rebrand Launch: Boa Inhouse Creative Team
Video: Wasserman Media Group
Photography: Chip Kalback, Russ Ellis

Old vs. New

The existing Boa logo was in rotation since 2006 and was prominently featured on millions of products throughout the world. However, it was difficult to read and was a daily struggle to work with due to its shape, color, and typographic styling. Its illegibility meant that we had to add Boa Closure System or Boa Technology in writing next to it in all instances. After a comprehensive brand awareness study, we discovered that consumer awareness of Boa’s brand was extremely low, even in categories that we had strong presence in, like snowboarding and cycling. We needed to create a bold new mark that was legible at small sizes, modern, and unique.

Brand Video

In anticipation of the rebrand launch, we worked with Wasserman Media Group on a brand video that harnessed the energy of the new anthem and brand platform. On a condensed timeline we went on a video and over-the-shoulder photography blitz to capture footage for all the categories we played in. I was directly involved with the art direction of the running, trail running, cycling, mountain biking, and Boa office footage featured in the brand video.


Part of the rebrand encompassed an overhaul of Boa’s product storytelling led by the creation of a new product catalog. I was responsible for this project and a major part of it was to develop a system of icons that guided the customer through the unique features and benefits of The Boa System. Along with product specific iconography, I developed a set of illustrations that described each category we work in for internal research and storytelling.

Business Collateral

The rebrand offered Boa a great opportunity to reconnect with brand partners and present the brand with a fresh new look. One of the ways we did this was to make the business cards extremely customizable by offering each employee the option to mix and match the new Fit To Go Further tagline backs with business unit categories of their choosing. Team members directly involved with a specific category of business were able to tailor their cards to individual industries enhancing their interactions with clients.