Boa Rebrand Kickoff Event

As a culmination of eight months of focused work on Boa’s rebrand, our team was responsible for launching it to the company at our annual kickoff event. With a whole new platform in play and messaging specific to each individual category (i.e. Snowboarding, Cycling, Golf, etc…), I was responsible for determining how these messages were displayed throughout the event space.

As employees walked into the building, we displayed large banners from the first floor balconies with our three new guiding principles, Driven, Heartfelt, and Insightful. Boa’s kickoff event was in a two-story converted warehouse space that had a 360-degree balcony looking down on the primary meeting space. This orientation provided us with an amazing space to display our platform messaging and new photography vis ID. With these primary assets displayed prominently from the balconies, the whole company was able to soak in the new storytelling throughout the days meetings. We displayed the category messaging in large window cover displays in the break areas giving everyone at the event an opportunity to grasp how we would personalize our larger brand message to the diverse set of categories we sell product in.

Photography: Chip Kalback, Russ Ellis
Event Photography: Nick Annis