Boa L6 Product Mailer

The L6 Reel Platform is one of the latest iterations of The Boa System. My team was tasked with creating a small and large product mailer that would launch this new product to our brand partners. Since Boa operates in a variety of categories, we designed five different box variations tailored to specific markets. These variations included golf, utility, outdoor, cycling, and a generic Boa-branded version.

We also used the product launch as an opportunity to introduce ourselves to brands in the running category that we would like to work with. To achieve this, we created a limited number of larger shoeboxes that could house a pair of shoes with The Boa System on them as well as the smaller box that we designed for the other categories. The goal of this project was to create a single solution that met a variety of business needs and sold in The Boa System in as the premiere choice for fit and closure. My role within the project was to collaborate on design, production, as well as source printing and manufacturing.

This project received a Graphic Design USA Inhouse Design Award in the packaging design category in 2016.

Art Direction: Ashley Blakemore
Designers: Joe Starmer, Mike Spencer