Boa 2017/2018 Product Catalog 

The Boa System is an alternative to shoelaces. It provides closure and adjustment solutions to products in the performance footwear and medical industries. As a company, Boa Technology works directly with brands such as Asics, Burton, FootJoy, Specialized, and over 300 other partners to develop the most comfortable and best fitting products in the world.

Shortly after launching Boa’s rebrand in early 2017, I was tasked with working with our project management team to rethink our product catalog. Our goal was to better educate our brand partners on what we do, what parts we create, and how they can accurately conceptualize and order the right components for their products. Previous catalogs operated essentially as parts lists, so when it came to building out the new catalog, we strove to show off Boa components as the expertly designed and highly-engineered parts that they are.

Project Management: Elissa Banker

The Boa System is split into three series levels, based on the amount of torque required to adjust the fit of a product: L-Series for low-cut footwear, M-Series for mid-cut footwear, and H-Series for high-cut footwear, such as snowboard boots. Boa’s distinct colors of Sky, Clay, and Grass are used to differentiate between each series.